Sunday, September 25, 2011

treasures to us

getting ready with the belly:)
It's so much better to know "Him," than know "why."  This is so, so true.  An amazing mom told me this who has 2 little ones here on earth and her firstborn Luke who is with Jesus.  The stories the Lord has lead us to are truly inspiring.  God has connected us with families who truly understand grieving a loss and it is His favor that we have them in our lives.  Gracen Faith is alive and active, we have not experienced losing a child and praise God that at almost 37weeks Gracen has beaten many odds to still be with us.  Although, in this we have grieved and continue to grieve how we visioned this dream to look.  We never hoped terms like extremely rare chromosomal disorder, holoprosencephaly, abnormalities, under developed heart, not likely compatible with life or very short life expectancy would ever need to be used to describe our baby.  Preparing for Gracen has looked much different than we thought preparing for a baby would be ... but each special plan needed for her arrival has been so very worth it.  God's hand has been on her long before we knew of her and He does not make mistakes.  We don't believe we'll ever know "why" but know and believe fully in "Him."  Gracen's life has already impacted so many and we know her little life will impact many more.  Ryan and I are completely blown away by the love so many have for her and us.  We deeply treasure this love you all have for us.  All of you are treasures to us and you could never know how much your love for our sweet pea means to us.  We ewww and ahhhh over each special treasure that has come our way.  The cards in the mail, emails, facebook messages and posts and blog followers are a true blessing.  Thank you for sharing your stories and being a part of ours.  I especially treasure when others rub the belly and ask about Gracen and her personality in there:)  We have collected the most precious keepsakes for her and those who have blessed us with them will never know the amazing comfort they each bring.  Including: pictures, books, crosses, scripture, angels, a beautiful girlie music snow globe from her uncle steve and aunt christina, a sweet lovey bear and comfy blankets.  Just this last week Ryan and I began reading Gracen letters that were specifically written to her from her party "celebrate Gracen."  We have LoVeD the memories these moments have made ... we laugh, cry and are amazed over what has been written about our girl and her mom and dad.  Lifelong friends of ours from San Antonio (now literally all over the world:)) sent Gracen a name gallery and all over created her name in the places they live using the most creative things to spell out Gracen and included scripture and prayer to bless us, so so very special to us.  Gracen even has a book written about HER!  It's titled "God loves Gracen!"  Each page speaks blessings over her using her very own name, sweet Jill from our small group gave her this.  Ryan surprised Gracen and I with tickets to see The Sound of Music this weekend and we loved every minute of it.
going to The Sound of Music
We treasured our time at sea world with super special friends and loved every minute of that too. 
below are the extreme rollercoster riders, above told expecting mothers to avoid:)

I love you Allison!
My best friend Jamie has loved, listened, supported, made me smile and lifted me up through this whole journey.  A treasure I'll always have from her is a beautiful necklace with a cross and charm that says Gracen, she wrote to Gracen about it and what it means...the meaning of her name, full of Grace, and the message of grace we have from the cross.  Jamie even surprised us with Georgetown Cupcakes (I know, they are amazing!!!) because sometimes "you just need a cupcake!" 
their carmel apple cupcake is in season and my FAV
We treasure Gracen's friends and family.  Her grandparents are the most amazing people we know and words could never express the treasures we have stored up from them.  Gracen get ready for a million hugs and kisses in just a few days!   xoxoxoxo


  1. Dayna, we love your family so much and are glad that we can be part of Gracen's life. I am always amazed by your complete trust in the Lord during this time...I marvel at how God has given you such amazing grace and faith...It's so fitting that your little girl have those two attributes as her name. She has been an inspiration and blessing to so many already! We love you and I cannot wait to meet her :)

  2. precious post, dayna! gracen is a loved little girl!

  3. Your post is so perfect. You have such a beautiful way with words, that saying anything in response to what you said seems trite, but just know that we are here thinking of you and praying for you. The next time you are in Abilene, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get together. My c-section is scheduled for Nov. 14th, but I'd love to see you before or after, just whenever you make it up this way again. Thinking of you lots and lots. Gracen has the most beautiful momma both inside and out. She is so blessed already. Loving yall from afar. Our constant thoughts and prayers. Aaron and Kim W. and kids...

  4. I am a friend of Sarah Stebbins ... just wanted you to know that we are praying for you and your family in Turkey! Gracen is loved and waited for all over the world!