Sunday, September 11, 2011

getting to know our girl

The Lord says His thoughts of Gracen are precious (Psalm 139:17) ... our thoughts of our sweet girl are just that .. precious.  I just love having her with me where ever I go and that we spend each day doing everything together.  As I write, we're listening to "sing over me" a collection of praise lullabies.  Gracen loves music and she hears lots of it!  She loves our worship team at Grace Bible; she's always particularly active Sunday mornings:)  We play music all the time for her and sing lots to her.  As I spend time with kiddos during the day Gracen gets to play and sing all day too!  Ryan's songs to her are the best though, I'm usually laughing my head off:)  Getting to know Gracen is such a joy, we love all the little things about her that we've learned ...
*she really loves praise and worship
*she likes being prayed over
*she's a little night owl
*she loves moving around for her Dad the best
*she's a little camera shy and doesn't like to stay still for US pictures
*she loves ice cream and cold stuff
*she likes cuddling up on the right side of my tummy
*she likes laying by the pool and swimming
*she really likes tums, lol
some of the things she's gotten to do...
*read, sing, play, rock, go to the park with the little ones her mom spends the day with, who each rub and touch the belly lots:)
*vacation in the mountains
*be in TC and Jamie's wedding
*listen to her mom talk a lot
*clean and organize with her mom
*go to uncle Derek's USAF BMT graduation
*a trip to the beach
*lots of great girl time with her mom's friends who love her so much
*spend lots of time with family and listen to them adore her
Gracen has meant so many amazing family and friends...even some that live all over the country!  I know she feels so loves because Ryan and I have read it through countless letters, cards and gifts in the mail, e-mails, facebook messages, blog comments, phone calls and conversations we have with lives being deeply touched by our girl. 

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  1. Your thoughts on your sweet Gracen bring me to tears...especially since we are going through the exact same thing right now...and I never would have imagined it in a million years. Anyhow, I tried to send you a message on FB but not sure if you got it or not. I am praying for you and your sweet family. You are so wise to look to Him; there is truly no other place to look. Blessings on you all during this time and in the days ahead. I will be thinking of yall without a doubt.