Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm just getting home from a bible study full of truly awesome women; our study is by Linda Dillow, "what its like to be married to me?" and it really is a dangerous question!:)  I shared how excited I am to be with this group of women as God grows our marriages ... the Lord has truly blessed Ryan and I's marriage as our story of Gracen has unfolded.  I told them I thought I loved my husband before ... but I realllllllly love him now,  because of Gracen I have fallen so much more in love with my man.  These sweet ladies took time to pray over us and Gracen's arrival and continued to affirm God's goodness in what He is doing. 
So ... here are some thoughts from that man I love so much. 
What Gracen's daddy thinks of his girl:
Gracious gift
Cute as a button
Excited to meet her
New creation

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