Monday, June 9, 2014


Lots of fun in May!!  Summer in Alaska is amazing!


So sorry our last couple posts haven't been up!  Blogger has been giving me errors when posting:/  So hoping it's worked out now :)

The best part about April in AK ... was Rylee turning ONE!

Such a fun, sweet girl ...


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March in AK!

March in Alaska ... here are our latest adventures :)

a quick recap ...

something cool - I'm not sure we'll ever stop thinking that Moose in our backyard isn't "something cool!"  Even Rylee's eyes stare mesmerized ... we all stop whatever we were doing and just watch.  There's one "little" one that keeps coming back, last time really close.


 something new - Snow in Spring?!  This is something different than Texas and a new concept I'm getting used to.  In fact, Rylee and I just went for a nice walk yesterday ... through mud and muck of winter breaking up and snow actually melting some ... A lot of the sidewalk is clearing which is great, but we still are walking on snow and ice too.  Lots of people outside playing and exercising in the cold, but beautifully sunny day!  It's crazy to think that in Texas everything would have been shut down and nobody outside lol ... it's just "normal" here and we're joining in!:) 

something favorite - Rylee's Sarah doll.  She has been carrying her around most everywhere and its adorable!  Sarah is from an Amish Farm in Pennsylvania from our Aunt Jill:)  We love that she's from there because we love lots in Pennsylvania ... all our family up there!

something true -  We miss you!  Come visit us ... it's beautiful!! :)