Sunday, October 28, 2012

O Praise Him!

"This song of ours will rise ... O Praise Him!" 

I think about Gracen when I hear "turn your ear to heaven and hear the noise inside... the sound of angels!"  I've shared before I feel like praise and worship is a piece of heaven.  Your favorite hymn or praise band worship song, just gives you a little piece of heaven.  Now that we have Gracen in heaven, I feel especially close to her during praise and worship ... the noise I can imagine inside heaven, she truly, intimately knows! 

Announcing ...
The first purchase I made for our newest, precious, sweet gift is this:
Thank God with us for baby2!!  O Praise Him for this miracle!  April 2013, eee!  Little One, and 
almost 16weeks
Ryan caught a good picture of the belly popping out:)

Thank you for continuing to cover us with love and prayers, xoxo.

"O Priase Him" david crowder


  1. Dayna!!!! I am overjoyed for you and Ryan. Terrific news!! The pictures are precious. :) Congratulations!!! Sweet baby #2 will have such love poured out on him or her, and a beautiful big sister to learn about, and learning about the Father who beats in the hearts of your family's days.

  2. Oh Dayna this is wonderful news! Praying for your new addition! :D

  3. This post made me cry tears of joy for y'all!! How wonderful!!

  4. You know I am rejoicing with you both! What a journey the past 13 months have been and what an blessed adventure lies ahead. I am so happy and cannot wait to hold this little nugget! Love you so!!!

  5. I am believeing with you!!!!! Our God keeps His Promises. He is doing wonderful things...and we will rejoice over her!!!!

  6. congratulations to you and ryan! our God is faithful! still praying for the salt fam!

  7. DAYNA! I just saw this! SOOOOOO excited for you guys! Can't wait to meet that little peanut!