Monday, June 6, 2011

oh baby!

A few pictures of the bump ... I promise there IS a bump!! :)  We've been taking pictures each doctors appointment and this Wednesday is our next one, I'll be a little over 20weeks.  This ultrasound will be really special because we'll get a good look at how our baby has grown.  Pray for each little part of this sweet little one and healthy, healthy growth and development!!  Could we find out if our pumpkin is a boy or girl this week??? YeS! we could, but we are going to be surprised in October ... so you will be too:)   We'll put a picture of the bump this week at a little over 20weeks ... I think the belly is really popping out this week!  In fact for the first time ever it makes me feel good when Ryan tells me my belly is looking "big!" 
about 5weeks
when we first found out about lil peanut!




Here's a look at some reallllly sweet babies:) :)  We visited our great friends Hank & Katie and their newest little additions!  Mom, Dad, Drew, Audrey & Laine are all doing SO well.  
We love the Caseys!!

me & audrey
don't worry I kissed those precious little checks a million times!!

sweet little laine:)  each of their personalities is so cute

the stud ... drew

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