Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a little catch up:)

I actually have a blog post list in my head and need to get started sharing!!  So hopefully the next few days I can get caught up ...

A few awesome things that have happened ....
Our really great friends triplets are doing wonderful and just so, so, so adorable!  We love you Hank & Katie and love those bAbiEs!! 
I made an earlier post of our family vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains where we celebrated my gram & gramps 60th wedding anniversary.  Here are some more pictures ... I'm just so thankful for my family and can't wait to do something like this again, lOvE yOu all!
xoxoxo, I love this girl!
 probably relaxing after some Just Dance ... we danced like crazy all week!
lots of adventures this week
poor thing fell in & it was COLD!
me & mom :)
super cool kiddos! :)
easter egg hunt
giant b-day party for everyone and some major face plants in cake ... a VERY fun tradition!
on our way home we stopped in lynchburg, TN
very cute little town and where Jack Daniels is made
whiskey made from this water right here
glad to see Jack supports our troops!

The last catch up for now ... military WiVeS!!  One of my absolute favorite parts of this military journey are the people, the forever friends we make along the way.  Specifically for me, I am most thankful for the amazing military wives I'm surrounded with.  These girls mean a lot to Ryan though too, because we are each others support when our husbands are gone.  He knows when he leaves I have the girls and we take care of each other.  Our small group is just such a God thing and we love each couple so much!  The first husband is deploying in just a few short weeks and pretty much all our husbands will be deployed by the fall.  Pray for these amazing men as they serve so bravely and pray for their wives and kids as they serve so bravely at home.  Here's a few pictures of these beautiful ladies and the military wives I admire and love SO much!

military wives = creative, resourceful, amazing & beautiful!
 I hardly took any pictures of our awesome recipe exchange ... we all had such a fun girly evening and left with lots of yummy new recipes. 
 parking lot picnic at grace bible:) with great friends!
 the guys ...

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