Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fort Hood

The title of my post is why I've neglected our blog for so long!  The past month has been moving, unpacking, getting settled, unpacking & unpacking :) :)  We are the few and far between Air Force stationed at the largest Army Post in the country.  Its been so great already and we've been blessed to meet some awesome families!  The best things so far ....

   * being back together
   * getting our home settled
   * grace bible church, the great church a friend told us about
   * the friends we are making
   * ryan's loving his job, its something new everyday & lots of cool new gear too:)
   * fort hood wives connect, a group of great girls
   * all the good stuff on post, including anything you could want at the PX and commissary & a great zumba class at the FFC
   *mom & d have already come to visit!  we did some shopping, went to the 1st Cav museum on post & ate some great chicago style pizza, we had lots of fun!

We are continuing to pray to make great friends and get plugged in here.  I have done some babysitting for a few families and praying for some sort of teaching position soon!  Continue to remember Ryan and all that is to come ... a few deployment dates have been thrown around, but for now an exact date is unknown.  Thanks to all of you who have been praying for this transition and all the encouragement!  Pictures of our new place to come soon ....

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