Monday, March 21, 2011


That's how old I am, as of yesterday:) 

Ryan made me the bEsT ever homemade card, it made me laugh a lot & almost cry too!  He also got me some super cool kicks ... his speciality is picking out awesome sneakers and I always love the ones he picks.  We were heading home after church to pack up a picnic to take with us and Dubs to the park, but the weather was not so great for that.  So we got ice cream and watched college basketball instead:)  Last night 10 of us had dinner at a good mexican restaurant we found (still missing some SA mexican food).  Ryan and I both were just so blessed and are so thankful for the friends the Lord has given us here.  We are pumped to be in a small group with these friends through our church Grace Bible, I just know God is going to work in mighty ways! 

So to all my family and friends who made my b-day so special ... thank you!!

Happy Birthday TODAY to my cool cousin Luke .... luke, me and my gramp have birthdays in March so we always got to share fun cakes and celebrate together:)  We've been so lucky to get to see more of Luke thanks to the military, he's in the Navy and Ryan and him have trained at bases near each other.  So proud of both of them:)

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