Friday, November 12, 2010

Mrs. Salt--shaker!!!

I really need to group my archives b/c one would be titled "kids say the darndest things" & it would be hilarious!  I definitely have kid quotes stored in my forever memory & smile every time I think of one:)  Two years of first graders & one of Pre-Kinders equals a ToN of good ones ... as my mom has heard them she says write that down! so I have tried to keep a little journal:)

One of my favorites from this year comes from subbing MWF ... quoted from kindergartner ... when I ask him to remind me his name he says "Astro, my mom said its fine for everyone to call me that, so my name is Astro."  The next time I was at his school I said hi Astro & he says, "dont you mean Bolt?"  Just this week when I saw him and asked what he was going by and he says, "just call me bakugan that's fine."  This little one by the way yells out every time he sees me, "MRS. SALT-SHAKER, MRS. SALT-SHAKER!!"  I love our last name and what people come up with.  Most of the translations aren't even from kids in my classroom(ages 3 - 7 say it just fine:)) , usually their parents or other staff can't.  Most commonly said: Saltzgibber, Alzgaber, Saltgaaaber(short a sound), Saltzgaver, and I have had one little one who said, Mrs. Skywalker!
what a blessing my classrooms have been! as i post about kiddos ...
i went & found some sweet pics from my sweet classrooms

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