Monday, November 11, 2013

growing too fast!

My updates are too far in between, I know and I'm sorry!:/  But just like my title, time really does go just too fast! 

I think one of the sweetest updates lately was celebrating Gracen girls birthday, September 29th.  The Lord's goodness and promises were wrapping us up, as our arms were wrapping up Gracen's little sister... our precious, joyful, adorable Rylee Hope.  Bringing her to Gracen's spot is so sweet to us.  Her sister is very much a part of her life and I look forward to God using Gracen's testimony to grow Rylee's.  Oh how our hearts ache not having Gracen running around and doing big sister stuff, I often image it...  

What a blessing children are, the Lord works through babies to seriously bless!  Our hearts as parents are truly thankful!  Daily we need the Lord, because man it's hard work... but a job we treasure and rejoice in. 

Our family is looking forward to a journey the Lord is giving us ... our next duty station ... in ... ALASKA!  It will be an adventure that's for sure:) 

celebrating Gracen's birthday, A Walk to Remember with other Fort Hood families and at Gracen's spot ...

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