Thursday, October 20, 2011

a beautiful legacy

Gracen's story continues to reach many and God continues to get all the glory.  All those who share about the impact of her sweet story on their life will never know the impact they are having on our life.  I re-read over and over letters, cards, emails and messages and new blessings come with each word.  As Gracen's mom and dad ... we LOVE hearing she's on lots of minds and hearts.  We want to talk about her, show her off, smile and cry with you and listen about the impact she is having.  I continue to pray that God will give me perfect memories of our baby girl...that Ryan and I will remember beautiful details...her smell, her sounds, the way she felt...the little things about her that only parents go crazy over...we.are.crazy.about.Gracen.  I pray God gives us clear memories that never fade, but grow more special with time.  What a beautiful place Gracen has in our family; our first born, oldest daughter who lived a life of truly great purpose and continues to change lives through a beautiful legacy. 
October 3, 2011 VA Abilene
The 75 bright yellow balloons we released celebrating each precious minute formed into the shape of a butterfly on the perfect blue sky ... do you see the butterfly??
the letter we wrote to Gracen and shared at her service on October 2, 2011:
Our Precious Daughter,
Words can’t express the joy that filled our hearts the day we found out we would be having you.  We fell in love with you all over again the moment we found out that you would be fighting every step of the way to meet us.  You are so strong our little girl.  We are so proud of you and honored to be your parents.  We pray that the love that we share for you, you were able to feel perfectly.
We love everything about you sweet pea.  Some of our favorite things about you are your sweet soft cheeks and kissing them, the beauty mark on your belly that so perfectly matches the one on mommies, your precious perfect feet, your cute little bottom, your pretty auburn hair, singing over you, praying over you, your joyful spirit and peaceful presence, the way you communicated to us in your soft voice and how you cuddled with us, the moments you had with your grandparents and family and seeing them adore you, you are such a sweet good little girl.
We got to do so much with you, tell you so much, and teach you so much, before you even came into this world. Mommy loved carrying you and daddy couldn’t stop loving on you in the belly you are his little daddy’s girl. 
We so wish you were here in our arms this very moment, we want you back so bad but we know that God is good and He needs you more.  We just wanted to share you with the world so they could get to know your sweet spirit. We will thank Him forever for entrusting us with the responsibility of being your parents and blessing us with getting to love you and for you loving us.
I know right now we don’t understand God’s plan but we do know that God is good and will stand by that forever.  Your Jesus is our Jesus and your life is leading others to Him, thank you love for glorifying Him in such big ways.  He has already begun to unveil his plan to us through the many testimonies of how your sweet little life is changing lives. We are blown away by the reaction of those who know of your story, it shows us how mighty and big our God is. That He can reach those around us through your tiny life.  Gracen girl, in this life we will talk so much about you, show you off and be amazed by the good works that our God will do through you. Gracen Faith Saltzgaber you are our daughter and we are so honored to be your mom and dad, we love you so much.  We rejoice that we will get to dance with you again in the presence of our King. We miss everything about you; we just want to hold you tight and we will again our little peanut.  Gracen you are the sweetest little thing.  We will delight in you always our baby girl, being your mommy and daddy gives us a lifetime of joy.  We will see you soon.


  1. Dearest Dayna, I love your precious blog posts about your baby girl... You definitely have a mother's heart. Thank you for sharing these pictures... I loved the pictures of the yellow balloons and I did see the butterfly~ I imagined them floating up to Gracen and her smiling as she reaches out to catch them :) Love you girl and we'll always remember Gracen... We continue to hurt with your loss...please let us know how we can continue to serve you and Ryan.

  2. Oh Dayna...the butterfly. Amazing. I loved all of your pictures. And I truly love your thoughts about your sweet baby girl. I reckon you feel the same as I thankful you had at least a little time with her...but it could never have been enough. I think about Julia Grace all day long, how she would be like our other children (when the doctors first pulled her out, she looked JUST like our middle son, Jack), and how she'd be different. Wish the circumstances could be changed to two healthy baby girls, but Isn't it awesome to think of how we are going to get to see our babies again oneday with Him? Longing for that day with you. Blessings and continued prayers to you, sweet friend.

  3. Dayna, the balloons are beautiful, I'm so moved. Gracen's photos are precious and so is your heart. Love you guys.

  4. I have Gracen's photo card on our refridgerator and think of her so much. I'm so blown away by your heart and that you are allowing others to see your love, pain, and Faith.

  5. Beautiful blessing! Continuing to lift you up in prayer.