Monday, July 25, 2011

just so sweet

We've had two amazing weekends in a row!  Two weeks ago ...  My precious friend Jamie got married and we love her and her man TC so much.  The wedding was amazingly beautiful ... every detail was just perfect!  It was such a blessing to be a part of their special day:)  Jamie is very loved by my whole family, including my Gram and Gramps ... who SuRprIsED us in Dallas the night before the wedding!  They're amazing and a 24hour road trip won't stop them from seeing their girls.  I'm so excited to have them in Texas and have some Gram and Gramp time the next couple of weeks:) 
Jamie & TC
the beautiful bride
I love you Mom
I love my Gram
My handsome hubby and our Gracen bump
 Our road trip went from Dallas to San Antonio.  We have another Airman in the family now and went to celebrate Derek's graduation from BMT .. yah!!  The whole brotherhood thing in the military is so cool and when 3 real brothers, a brother-in-law and Dad have it going on, its so special and neat to see.  So proud of all these guys:)
Josiah, uncle Derek and Caroline:)
Ryan and I were excited to have a weekend away and share sweet moments with family and friends.  We continue to grow more understanding of the importance of sharing those sweet moments as we learn from our baby girl.  It blows us away at how a tiny little life can touch so many ... letters, emails, blog followers and phone calls pour in and all continue to be blessed by Gracen.  Each person walking beside us in this journey means so much and we will forever be grateful for your love. 
I can't wait to post pictures of how much she's grown in there.  Our sweet friend Lyssa took some pictures of our little bump and I'll get them up sometime soon.  God's thoughts of this sweet baby are precious and He loves her so, so, so much.  Her life is worth much, and as we soak up each moment we have with Gracen, God fills us with joy as we prepare for her.  She's worth it all.  We love this girl.
this is just one collection of encouraging notes we've received,
they also completely cover the whiteboard in our kitchen
Gracen's hospital bag

sweet little outfit and matching knit hat from Nana

Ryan picked out this sweet teddy bear hat:)

sweet little outfit from Grandy

Gracen's lovey,
our sweet friend Maggie monogrammed her name

packed and ready:)

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  1. You are completely amazing, Dayna! Gracen is lucky to have such a wonderful mommy. I know she can already feel how much you and Ryan and everybody love her! I know you've heard this from a million people, but you have been such a light to me through ways you cannot know! Hang in there, sweet sweet mommy.