Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a few more things i'm excited about:)

again, i'm so excited about my road trip with ry's brother ... we're counting down & can't wait to see ... him.

on the list of most exciting things right now is also ...

my sister~in~law's visa! 
she gets to be with her man and home for christmas, 
thank you for all your prayers! 
God. is. so. GOOD.

and excited for ... life!  x3 in our great friends hank & katies case.  you saw the correct number its triplets!  we are so happy for them & they still can't believe it either:) be praying for this family!

its Christmas time and that is exciting!  God has given us just so much to celebrate!

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  1. DAYNA! I found this gem of a blog on FB and am so glad I did! Hey, I love you!