Sunday, September 19, 2010

care packs

Getting letters in the mail is super exciting :) an excitement my sister-in-law Pita and I  have taken to a whole new level since our Air Force life began so close together.  I made Ry a "letters from home" box so we can keep these sweet moments we've shared through letters the last several months.  Letters, e-mails, texts, skype, the short phone calls ... if it's communication with my hubs ... I'm LoViN iT!!  Something better than letters to my man far from home = care packs!  I'm starting to get good at these :) It's fun to get creative and make them really good ones!  The best part ... knowing how much they mean to HiM!  The next box to be sent is nothing but homemade treats, I'm off to the kitchen! 

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